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Revelation 12:17 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:17

    Awaken Convergence Rest Poured Out
    Encompass Sealed Connection Yoking
    Receive Harvest Legitimate Nourish
    Fulfill Divine Intent Continuity Validate
    Conclusive Authenticate Absolution

Magiera: And the dragon was furious about the woman and he went to wage war with the rest of her seed, those who keep the commandments of Alaha and have the testimony of Yeshue.

English Hebrew Aramaic Greek Interlinear:

Awaken H7264 רגז RaGaZ/A2290 RGZ regez/G3710 ωργισθησαν orgisthesan
Convergence H8577 תנין TaNYN/A2693 TNYNA tanina/G1404 δρακοντα drakonta
Rest H5920 על AiL/A1804 AiL al/*G
Poured Out H800 אשה AShaH/A135 ANTTA anttha/G1135 γυνη gune
Encompass H235 אזל AZaL/A42 AZL ezal/G565 απηλθεν apelthen
Sealed H5652 עבד AiBaD/A1724 AiBD evad/G4160 ποιησω poieso
Connection H7126 קרב QaRaB/A2247 QRBA qerava/G4171 πολεμον polemon
Yoking H5973 עם AiM/A1817 AiM am/G3326 μετα meta
Receive **A2611 SRKA sharka/G3062 λοιποι loipoi
Harvest H2232 זרע ZaRAi/A693 ZRAiA zara/G4690 σπερματος spermatos
Legitimate **A598 HNA hana/*G
Nourish H5201 נטר NaTaR/A1502 NTR netar/G5083 ετηρησας eteresas
Fulfill Divine Intent H6485 פקד PaQaD/A2009 PWQDNA puqdana/G1785 εντολας entolas
Continuity H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεος theos
Validate H335 אי AY/A69 AYT aith/*G
Conclusive **A1261 L lamed/*G 
Authenticate H7717 שהד SaHaD/A1610 SHDWTA sahdutha/G3141 μαρτυριαν marturian
Absolution H3091 יהושוע YaHWSWAi/A3257 YSWAi Yeshue/G2424 ιησου iesou

Greek Translation with Strong's Numbers: [και G2532] ωργισθη G3710 [ο G3588] δρακων G1404 [επι G1909 τη G3588] γυναικι G1135 [και G2532] απηλθεν G565 ποιησαι G4160 πολεμον G4171 μετα G3326 [των G3588] λοιπων G3062 [του G3588] σπερματος G4690 [αυτης G846 των G3588] τηρουντων G5083 [τας G3588] εντολας G1785 [του G3588] θεου G2316 [και G2532 εχοντων G2192 την G3588] μαρτυριαν G3141 [του G3588] ιησου G2424 [χριστου G5547]

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H7264 רגז RaGaZ/A2290 RGZ regez/G3710 ωργισθησαν orgisthesan: to quiver, emotion, tremble, move, shake, disquiet, quake, stand in awe, fall out, fret, provoked, be wroth, troubled, rage, commotion, restlessness, crashing, thunder, noise, timid, trepidation, dumbfounded, crouch, recline, lay down, brood, make a fold, fettered, bound, bond, rest, repose, imbed, honor, worship, veneration, exaltation, uplift, drive, motive, desire, longing, awaken, alert

H8577 תנין TaNYN/A2693 TNYNA tanina/G1404 δρακοντα drakonta: to extend, stretch, continuance, constant, regular, daily, sacrifice, perpetual, uninterrupted, presence, care, integrity, truth, sincere, upright, pillar, fullness, sound, undefiled, support, blameless, innocent, gentle, dear, gracious, perfect, complete, simplicity, whole, fresh, entire, intact, moral, finished, end, resolve, determined, settle, agree, erect, found, build, straight, tower, strength, dependable, reliable, encompass, surround, hold, keep, sustain, understand, comprehend, grasp, receive, accept, welcome, remain, stay with, regard, tend, heed, earnest, cherish, uphold, defend, protect, nourish, feed, remember, favor, approval, devotion, awake, ownership, involved, serve, covenant, intent, character, successful, home, heart, cornerstone, priority, convergence, permanent, family, conclusion, accommodate, make room for, cover, forgive, pardon, clear, roof over, answer, nest, habitation, rest, refuge

H5920 על AiL/A1804 AiL al/*G: highest, Most High, aloft, YaHWaH, above, over, upon, beside, yoke, on high, throughout, ascend, be high, mount, come, offer, bring, burn, raised, arose, exalted, preeminent, prominence, pinnacle, movement from lower to higher place, to rise up, overwhelm, overpower, increasing in strength, record, truth, presenting offering, gift, sacrifice, wholly given, rest, total surrender, atonement, pleasure, delight

H800 אשה AShaH/A135 ANTTA anttha/G1135 γυνη gune: fire, burning, fiery, flaming, hot, boiling, beloved, companion, presence, offering, ascend, reception, welcome, warm, flowing, vigorous, sacrifice, legitimate, genuine, one, union, joined, coupled, wife, married, wedded, together, betrothed, intimate, close, identified with, belonging to, possession, occupy, rule, dominion, protection, authority, strength, power, relationship, legal entity, bride, mother, foundation, heart, core, desire, compress, related, firm, solid, strong, closely pressed together, entwined, engender, cover, apportion, bestow, give, present, gift, token, fulness, acknowledgement, recognition, deliverance, conquered, nearness, consume, eaten, devoured, surround, embrace, fusion, libation, poured out, portion, pleasure, delight, raised, exalted, rise, overpower, total surrender, heart, conjoined, cleave, abiding, established, dwelling, permanent, standing, immovable, upright, enduring, changeless, fixed, service, ordained, worship, victory

H235 אזל AZaL/A42 AZL ezal/G565 απηλθεν apelthen: to go away, disappear, gone, spent, depart, lose oneself, absorbed, worship, adore, devotion, believe, travel, journey, pilgrimage, overseas, distant, walk, gentle, twist, meander, entwine, encompass, encircle, wend, winding, surround, wrap up, expend, take, utterly, be void of, to cease, finish, disappear, non-existence, carry off, lessen, fading, dissolution, process, breathe after, pant after, seek for, acquiescent, consent, content, willing, incline toward, volition, desire, longing, bend toward, follow, curve, course, path, intertwined, interlocking, woven together, knit, weave, mesh, connect, link, bond, closely, bring together, establish, join, provide, access, communicating, supply, support, passage, way, relationship, affinity, union, identified with, equate, associate, adhere, fused, secure, yoked, affix, fasten, attached, coupled, cleave

H5647 עבד AiBaD/A1724 AiBD evad/G4160 εποιησεν epoiesen: to envelope, darkness, cover, shade, pillar, thick beam, serve, worship, dress, bond, husband, keep, execute, cultivate, till, love, make, prepare, humility, courtesy, subject, willing, lovingly submit, remain, relationship, act, labor, daily, familiar, sacrifice, peaceful, chosen, devoted, defend, protect, covert, secret place, privy, shelter, refuge, hidden, conceal, sealed, covenant, set apart, to attend, contribute, minister, waited, honor, bless, consecrate, caring, stewards over all, substance, possession of the king, privilege of serving

H7126 קרב QaRaB/A2247 QRBA qerava/G4171 πολεμον polemon: to approach, bring near, come, draw near, come nigh, at hand, join, present, make ready, stand, take, entrance into, nearness, closest, intimate, touch, kiss, worship, honor, venerate, devotion, imminence, joyous occasion, celebration, personal, involvement, participation, actively involved, offer, heart, core, hub, connection, midst, inward, inner, within, union, encounter, meet, suitable, agreeable, engaged, kept therein, proximity, companionship, family, kinsman, face, know, gather, converge, connect, endure, receive, answer, fulfill, satisfy, measure, match, conform, settle, clear, honor, discharge, pay, attend, take care of, contract, marriage, appointment, settlement, arrangement, commitment, undertake, conduct, communication, correspond, association, intercourse, relations, acquaintance, get hold of, capture, win, engross, absorb, occupy, possess, employ, secure, enroll, appoint, agree, pledge, vow, bind, enter into, take part in, share, play a role, set on, fit together, unite, couple, attach, fix, link, stick, fuse, add, identify with, equate, relate

H5973 עם AiM/A1817 AiM am/G3326 μετα meta: union, attend, familiar, relationship, kin, related, family, clan, tribe, people, flock, nation, permanent, inhabit, together, one, adoption, marriage, offspring, descendants, children, covenant, taken in, keep, privilege, full, community, unique knowledge, companion, beloved, affinity, resemblance, alongside, spouse, dear, fasten, possess, inheritance, portion, with, conjunction, equally, bond, mother, verily, doubtless, forbear, servant, slave, yoking, associate, overshadow, cuddle, hide, cover, hover over

**A2611 SRKA sharka/G3062 λοιποι loipoi: remaining, stay, continue, rest, abide, final, set, mark, existing, last, carry on, persisting, prevail, wait, keep, still available, occupy, possess, own, certain, adhere, cling to, hang on to, spend time, accommodate, remain in the same place, belonging to, join, union, coupled, settled, remember, keep in mind, attend, preserve, persevere, steadfast, faithful, live, devoted, keep, taken, permanent, receive, accept, welcome, carry out to the end, extend, maintain, revive, recover, save, deliver, restore, establish, secure, prepared, able to stand, determined, resolute, appoint, ordain, will

H2232 זרע ZaRAi/A693 ZRAiA zara/G4690 σπερματος spermatos: to sow, broadcast, disseminate, plant, fruictify, yielding, forgive, pardon, clear, settle, resolve, balance, make good, forbear, bear, conceive, set forth, engender, impregnate, kindle, bless, bestow, give, produce, generate, reap, vest, build, offer, issue, posterity, offspring, seed, increase, multiply, harvest, creation, make, form, have, hold, keep, defend, protect, vindicate, advocate, nourish, feed, foster, nurture, cultivate, spread, open, set free, liberate, deliver, restore, revive, enliven, redeem

**A598 HNA hana/*G: this, one, same, alike, resemblance, in this same way, following, preceding, together, union, companion, one going in the same way, exactness, precision, careful, accurate, diligent, ascertain, understand, know, bound, connection, same direction, assimilation, assent, covenant, acknowledge, recognize, harmonious, of one mind, congruous in nature and character, care, attend, regard, hearken, accept, receive, belonging to, possession, occupation, ownership, joined, stay and remain with, stamp, seal, approval, constant, secure, agree, legitimate, lawful, benefit

H5201 נטר NaTaR/A1502 NTR netar/G5083 ετηρησας eteresas: to cherish, guard, bear, keep, reserve, retain, watch, guard from loss or injury, keep an eye on, keeping watch over, to note, fulfill, maintain, sustain, preserve, hold fast, tend, feed, nourish, give heed and attention, safeguard, express watchful care and suggests present possession and occupation, to guard in safe custody from assaults, to mark, keep safe

H6485 פקד PaQaD/A2009 PWQDNA puqdana/G1785 εντολας entolas: to visit, oversee, muster, charge, care for, deposit, number, appoint, commit, set, govern, oversight, office, counted, rule, judgment, avenge, bestow, deliver, to keep, enjoin, go see, look after, lay up, reckon, mark, remember, be concerned, search for, seek after, follow, call for, summon, intervene, on behalf of, fulfill Divine intent, willing, bring about, save, draw up, rescue, recover, liberate from bondage, discipline, teach, instruct, guide, lead, store, provision, supply, support, custody, possession, ownership, ward, supervision, named, appointed, mandate, commandment, precept, statute, observe, be clear, open, watch, seeing, wise, devotion, cherish, nurture, foster, adopt, resolve, settle, approval, assurance, trust, guarantee, order, arrangement, word, to associate with, related, bond, secure, frim, faithful, steadfast, enduring, established, continuing, certain, maintain, courageous, strength, verified, entrust, determined, guide, crowned, lift up, confide, blessing, choice, finest, best, honor, worship, enlarge, make room for, venerate, upold, broaden, expand, increase

H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεος theos: strength, strong, chief, mighty, powerful, central, support, sacred stones, pillar, highly valuable, sacrifice, champion, warrior, upright, excel, renown, proven, king, power to deliver, valor, victory, mastery, wisdom, counsel, bind, fulfill, confirm, prevail, valiant, strengthen, courageous, established, brace up, moral strength combined with physical, hardihood, prevailing power, great, column, stationed, memorable, stand fast, covert, sweetness, pure, tower, fortress, defense, stronghold, character, attribute, superior, enormous power, impressive, grandeur, majesty, almighty deity, provision, sustain, protect, love, covenant, ethical, spiritual, eternal, honor, veneration, continuity, stability, motion toward, near, quiescent position, within, beside, with, exceedingly mighty, ruler, agreement, sanction, true, divine, living, self-existent, LORD, YaHWaH, redemption, I AM, sovereign, master, owner, authority, relationship and position over, unswerving, accomplished

H335 אי AY/A69 AYT aith/*G: query, seek, longing, yearn, habitable, desirable, desire, wish for, love, affection, attachment, possess, loyalty, clear, mark, signal, extend, pleasure, delight, cry out after, strong, powerful, pant after, exert, come, exist, assent, consent, appear, banner, beacon, attestation, validate, indicate, specify, hearken, ponder, heed, attend, affinity, resemblance, companion, choice, covenant, alongside, union, together, daily, oneness, beloved, spouse, fasten, hold, remain, settle, complete, devotion

**A1261 L lamed/*G: to, for, affirmation, conclusion, truly, verily, set forth, explain, explicative force, the fact is, namely, conclusive, demonstrative, declaratory, answer, assuredly, profess, certainly, approval, cause, reason, assigns, authority, establish, proved to be correct, commanded, direction, motion toward, approach, reach, result, relationship, attached, joined, union, concern, regard, purpose, intent, desire, close, near, support, favor, benefit

H7717 שהד SaHaD/A1610 SHDWTA sahdutha/G3141 μαρτυριαν marturian: to testify, witness, record, account, validate, authenticate, vindicate, substantiate, evidence, bear, confirm, endorse, uphold, corroborate, carry, undertake, vouch for, answer, affirm, to attest, make known, clear, affirmation

H3091 יהושוע YaHWSWAi/A3257 YSWAI Yeshue/G2424 ιησου iesou: YaH open wide, eternal strength, YaH free, eternal safety, YaHWaH succor, eternal defence, YaH preserve, Eternal One deliver, YaH rescue, eternally safe, Eternal Savior, eternal victory, eternal rest, eternal confidence, assurance faithful, salvation accomplished, I AM avenge, permanent settlement, secure arrangement, determined resolve, abiding truth, enduring, habitation, sound, whole, fulfill, satisfaction, completion, balance, restored, consummation, end, finish, conclusive, absolution, forgiveness, humility, service, pardon, clear, atonement, sacrifice, offer, gift, reconciliation, union, at one, joined, agreement, harmony, liberation, freedom, responsible, mature, fruition, full, perfect, blessing, refuge, shelter, sanctuary, preservation, shepherd, salvage, renovate, revive, regenerate, strong, to prevail, overwhelm, victory, overcome, winning, persuasive, gentle, humility, kindness, consideration, regard, to attend, present, near, close, intimate, commune, cover, overshadow, encompass, encircle, protect, defense, enfold, nourish, feed, cultivate, plow, contribute, devotion


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H: Hebrew Strong’s Concordance number
A: Aramaic Light of Word Ministry number
G: Greek Strong’s Concordance number
** Aramaic Hebrew equivalent when Hebrew is not listed
*G: no equivalent in Greek translation
[  ]  Greek words not in Aramaic Interlinear

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