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Revelation 12:6 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:6

    Flaming Passion Engender Gathered Affinity
    Substance Answer Honor Related Suitable
    Vindicate Ethical Way Of Life
    Blessing Embrace Commitment Delightful

Magiera: And the woman fled to the wilderness, where she had a place that was prepared there by Alaha, so that they would nourish her [for] one thousand, two hundred and sixty days.

English Hebrew Aramaic Greek Interlinear:

Flaming H800 אשה AShaH/A135 ANTTA anttha/G1135 γυνη gune
Passion H6207 ערק AiRaQ/A1904 AiRQ eraq/G5343 εφυγεν ephugen
Engender H2717 חרב KaRaB/A892 KWRBA khurba/G2048 ερημον eremon
Gathered H870 אתר ATaR/A214 ATRA athra/*G
Affinity H335 אי AY/A69 AYT aith/*G
Substance H1933 הוא HaWA/A603 HWA hewa/*G
Answer **A1261 L lamed/*G
Honor H8033 שם ShaM/A2682 TMN taman/G1563 εκει ekei
Related **A494 DWKA duka/G5117 τοπων topon
Suitable H2895 טוב TWB/A950 TWB tuv/G2090 ητοιμασμενον etoimasmenon
Vindicate H4480 מן MaN/A1388 MN men/*G
Ethical H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεος theos
Way Of Life **A2715 TRSY tarsi/G5142 τρεφωσιν trephosin
Blessing H3117 יום YaWM/A1036 YWMA yauma/G2250 ημερας emeras
Embrace H502 אלף ALaP/A99 ALPA alpha/*G
Commitment H3967 מאה MAH/A1318 MATYN mathien/G1250 διακοσιας diakosias
Delightful H8336 שש ShaSh/A2616 STYN shetin/G1835 εξηκοντα exekonta

Greek Translation with Strong's Numbers: [και G2532 η G3588] γυνη G1135 εφυγεν G5343 [εις G1519 την G3588] ερημον G2048 [οπου G3699] εχει G2192 τοπον G5117 ητοιμασμενον G2090 [απο G575 του G3588] θεου G2316 [ινα G2443 εκει G1563] τρεφωσιν G5142 [αυτην G846] ημερας G2250 [χιλιας G5507] διακοσιας G1250 εξηκοντα G1835

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H800 אשה AShaH/A135 ANTTA anttha/G1135 γυνη gune: fire, burning, fiery, flaming, hot, boiling, beloved, companion, presence, offering, ascend, reception, welcome, warm, flowing, vigorous, sacrifice, legitimate, genuine, one, union, joined, coupled, wife, married, wedded, together, betrothed, intimate, close, identified with, belonging to, possession, occupy, rule, dominion, protection, authority, strength, power, relationship, legal entity, bride, mother, foundation, heart, core, desire, compress, related, firm, solid, strong, closely pressed together, entwined, engender, cover, apportion, bestow, give, present, gift, token, fulness, acknowledgement, recognition, deliverance, conquered, nearness, consume, eaten, devoured, surround, embrace, fusion, libation, poured out, portion, pleasure, delight, raised, exalted, rise, overpower, total surrender, heart, conjoined, cleave, abiding, established, dwelling, permanent, standing, immovable, upright, enduring, changeless, fixed, service, ordained, worship, victory

H6207 ערק AiRaQ/A1904 AiRQ eraq/G5343 εφυγεν ephugen: to gnaw, eat, consume, pain, fleeing, skip, leap, sinew, swallow, finish, consummate, accept, receive, welcome, passion, yearning, longing, surrender, resolve, submit, consent, respect, reconcile, embrace, undertake, greet, regard, trust, release, liberate, free, exempt, vindicate, face, drink, assume, absolve, discharge, confess, acknowledge, incline, bend toward, accede, allow, own, bear, given, bound, rest, retreat, repose, enfold, brood, motive, drive, alert, serve, worship, prevail, signal, indicate, purpose, desire, token, joined, pant after, possess, assent, attend, endear, hold, achieve, wear, devour, absorb, grasp, assimilate, overwhelm, partake, take in, strong, stalwart, strengthen, fortify, gird

H2717 חרב KaRaB/A892 KWRBA khurba/G2048 ερημον eremon: surely, utterly, certain, resolve, settle, clear, cleave, adhere, covenant, agreement, cut, mark, seal, oath, determine, distinguish, to be hot, boiling, melting, harmonize, refine, complete, finish, conclude, perfect, end, deal with, earnest, sincere, genuine, authenticate, vindicate, advocate, stand by, remain, abide, endure, establish, immovable, make good, join, union, devotion, knit together, gather, assurance, make room for, cover, accommodate, atone, restore, revive, commit, recognize, point out, promote, appreciate, honor, fulfill, venerate, worship, praise, choose, select, favor, approval, call, name, designate, specify, absolve, bound, enfold, encompass, purpose, will, gird, undertake, receive, accept, serve, yield, fruitful, achieve, success, win, victory, liberate, exalt, uplift, uphold, consume, embrace, intimate, identify, engender, kindle, deliver, acknowledge, warm, flowing, sacrifice, legitimate, beloved, cherish, burning, flaming, shining, illuminate, enlighten, compassion, presence, close, near, solid, strong

H870 אתר ATaR/A214 ATRA athra/*G: a place, after, to step, entrance, come, cohabitation, make room, opportunity, benefit, a spot, occupancy, position, home, condition, quarter, coast, occasion, standing, right, dwelling, possession, ownership, authority, tenure, residence, inhabit, habitation, living, holding, profession, employment, field, rule, subjection, order, lawful, legitimate, requirement, jurisdiction, dominion, preside over, mark, point, setting, recognized, acknowledged, appreciation, house, accommodation, property, abode, seat, post, appointment, privilege, favor, assignment, belonging to, settled, resolved, devotion, establish, continue, endure, make good, enjoin, valid, knit together, gathered

H335 אי AY/A69 AYT aith/*G: query, seek, longing, yearn, habitable, desirable, desire, wish for, love, affection, attachment, possess, loyalty, clear, mark, signal, extend, pleasure, delight, cry out after, strong, powerful, pant after, exert, come, exist, assent, consent, appear, banner, beacon, attestation, validate, indicate, specify, hearken, ponder, heed, attend, affinity, resemblance, companion, choice, covenant, alongside, union, together, daily, oneness, beloved, spouse, fasten, hold, remain, settle, complete, devotion

H1933 הוא HaWA/A603 HWA hewa/*G: to be, to breathe, existence, become, behold, cleave, give, keep, seek, tremble, desire, will, consider, walk, longing, extend, mark out, point out, accomplish, committed, follow, require, beacon, occur, being, presence, come to pass, release of power, assured, intent, result, confirm, relationship, covenant, I AM, declaration, eager, substance, rushing upon, yearning

**A1261 L lamed/*G: to, for, affirmation, conclusion, truly, verily, set forth, explain, explicative force, the fact is, namely, conclusive, demonstrative, declaratory, answer, assuredly, profess, certainly, approval, cause, reason, assign, authority, establish, proved to be correct, commanded, direction, motion toward, approach, reach, result, relationship, attached, joined, union, concern, regard, purpose, intent, desire, close, near, support, favor, benefit

H8033 שם ShaM/A2682 TMN taman/G1563 εκει ekei: place, appoint, establish, set, consider, ordain, regard, mark, care, determine, convey, commit, charge, heap up, hold, keep, observe, steadfast, purpose, intend, impute, name, preserve, order, reward, wholly, erect, assign, heed, continue, command, serve, behold, perceive, pierce, penetrate, perform, amend, reciprocate, restore, compensate, complete, cover, redeem, reflect, identified, reputation, report, renown, honor, authority, character, mark, appellation, praise, conspicuous, position, settle, resolve, inheritance, possession, property, ownership, envelop, wrap up, extend, reach, fulfill, satisfy, expend, sacrifice, offering, finish, devotion, make peace, stretch out, spread, conduct, bring forth, release, liberate, free, secure, strength, mastery

**A494 DWKA duka/G5117 τοπων topon: position, place, room, a spot, occupancy, location, home, tract, quarter, opportunity, license, locality, coast, plain, region, set, bear, stance, state, condition, destination, manner, way, sheath, enclosed, circumscribed, definite, portion, advantage, primacy, importance, influence, stature, rank, consequence, post, appointment, role, occupation, employment, capacity, duty, function, placement, approach, stand, perspective, attitude, installation, station, arrange, holding, keep, defend, protect, cherish, attend, present, identified, purpose, residence, designation, space, available, acceptance, privilege, assured, attached, joined, union, notable, favor, preference, choice, approval, connection, related, recognize, acknowledge, considered, remembered, habitation, domicile, dwelling, abode

H2895 טוב TWB/A950 TWB tuv/G2090 ητοιμασμενον etoimasmenon: to make good, do well, please, goodly, better, improve, augment, raise, cheer, comely, be joyful, glad, pleasant, lovely, appropriate, becoming, precious, suitable, meet, fair, merry, prosperous, fine, wealth, beautiful, favor, bountiful, at ease, graciously, kindly, tender, loving, gentle, sweet, ready, welcoming, rightful, festive, delightful, useful, friendly, fulfilling, satisfaction, supporting life, blessing, fruitfulness, elite, heart, well being, joyous, happy, contribute, agreement, concurrence, harmonious, moral, positive, best, choicest

H4480 מן MaN/A1388 MN men/*G: part of, from, out of, follow, with, among, over, above, because, apportion, accord, cause, means, reason, completion, appoint, rolled together, perfection, joined, consent, agreement, succession, prepare, resolve, settle, enroll, measure, portion, belong to, given, receive, eat, drink, close connection, from the interior, emanating from, heart, from the midst of, choosing, number, company, commune, reconcile, liberate, free, vindicate, cause, source, from the divine nature, name, author, offering, present, fullness, sacrifice, gift

H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεος theos: strength, strong, chief, mighty, powerful, central, support, sacred stones, pillar, highly valuable, sacrifice, champion, warrior, upright, excel, renown, proven, king, power to deliver, valor, victory, mastery, wisdom, counsel, bind, fulfill, confirm, prevail, valiant, strengthen, courageous, established, brace up, moral strength combined with physical, hardihood, prevailing power, great, column, stationed, memorable, stand fast, covert, sweetness, pure, tower, fortress, defense, stronghold, character, attribute, superior, enormous power, impressive, grandeur, majesty, almighty deity, provision, sustain, protect, love, covenant, ethical, spiritual, eternal, honor, veneration, continuity, stability, motion toward, near, quiescent position, within, beside, with, exceedingly mighty, ruler, agreement, sanction, true, divine, living, self-existent, LORD, YaHWaH, redemption, I AM, sovereign, master, owner, authority, relationship and position over, unswerving, accomplished

**A2715 TRSY tarsi/G5142 τρεφωσιν trephosin: to turn, revolve, encircle, encompass, surround, nourish, cherish, devotion, sustain, support, carry, feed, provide, uphold, raise, cultivate, nurture, guide, lead, bring up, rear, strengthen, comfort, affirm, settle, resolve, maintain, encourage, promote, augment, uplift, foster, boost, advance, enrich, harbor, succor, nurse, hold, keep safe, kindle, enliven, mark, seal, character, way of life, temper, manner, to form, suffer, yield, endure, abide

H3117 יום YaWM/A1036 YWMA yauma/G2250 ημερας emeras: to be hot, day, warm, daily, ever, continually, full, always, whole, perpetually, present, remain, life, require, entire, end, daylight, time, moment, year, duration, period, point, first, light, result, indefinitely long, blessing

H502 אלף ALaP/A99 ALPA alpha/*G: to associate with, commune, to learn and teach, utter, bring forth fruitful, make a thousandfold, increase, enlarge, augment, family, yoking, taming, domesticated, plow, break forth, admire, care for, consider, enquire, seek, search, attend, bestow care on, seek with pleasure, hearken, delight, behold, inquire, herd, dawn, morning, warm, dusk, daybreak, sunrise, uttermost part, resurrection, look after, observe, keep, cleave, open, cleft, take captive, frequent, follow, ask, worship, devotion, require, diligent, private seeking, union, enter, covenant, relationship, satisfy, penetrate, pierce, first, foremost, great, uphold, rise, lift up, raise, nourish, feed, kindle, gender, enlighten, make known, clear, rule, govern, ownership, possession, occupation, benefit, pour out forth, shine forth, secure, fasten, settle, resolve, determination, faithfulness, grow, nurture, cultivate, mature, offspring, life giver, fountain of life, cuddle, gather, embrace, cherish, beloved, joined, coupled, overshadow, hover over, defend, protect, shelter, support, supply, make provisions for, prominent, conspicuous, supreme, preeminent

H3967 מאה MAH/A1318 MATYN mathien/G1250 διακοσιας diakosias: multiplication, fraction, score, increase, remain, hundredfold, complete, productiveness, sown, seed, myriad, multitude, entire, whole, all necessary, appropriate, full, collected, gather together, in one volume, run its full course, finished, end, conclusion, consummate, greatest extent, degree, total, perfect, fill up, fulfill, satisfied, replete, finalized, accomplished, achieved, discharged, settled, done, wrap up, utter, thorough, veritable, crown, answer, to cover completely, hundred percent, completely fit, healthy, maximum effort, commitment, devotion, union, joined

H8336 שש ShaSh/A2616 STYN shetin/G1835 εξηκοντα exekonta: overplus, beyond, to be bright, cheerfulness, welcome, joy, rejoicing, gladness, greatly, mirth, fine, burning, kindled, set on fire, to be hot, consuming, fiery, glowing, happy, noble, to attend, honor, service, minister, to contribute, wait upon, called, named, anointed, consecrated, keep, care, possession, steward, privilege, blessing, overcome, overwhelm, triumphant, singing, worship, veneration, praise, grateful, flowing, stirred, gushing, surge, overflow, rushing, inundate, conquer, cleanse, pure, innocent, covered, loved, pleased, delightful


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H: Hebrew Strong’s Concordance number
A: Aramaic Light of Word Ministry number
G: Greek Strong’s Concordance number
** Aramaic Hebrew equivalent when Hebrew is not listed
*G: no equivalent in Greek translation
[  ]  Greek words not in Aramaic Interlinear

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